The Complete Camera Company crew is made up of the most experienced and highly regarded names in the broadcast industry.

Award winning and ground-breaking, they have been hand picked for their wide range of skills, reliability and ambitious approach to a wide range of program making. Each team, or individual, is carefully considered when developed on a project, ensuring that crew members complement each other. The crew, large or small, is always bespoke to a projects individual requirements and is based on years of knowledge of people and their work.

Each crew is tailored to the client’s specific needs, but The CCC regularly provides the following:

Camera Assistants
Camera Guarantees
Lighting Cameramen
Gallery Directors
Hidden Camera Technicians
Jimmy Jib Operators
Multi Camera OB Operators
Mini Cam Technicians
PSC Cameramen
Remote Camera Operators
Sound Recordists
Stabilised Camera Operators
Stabilised Camera Technicians
Technical Assistants
Technical Directors
Underwater Camera Technicians
Underwater Camera Operators
Unit Managers
Vision Engineers

Crew 2 Crew 3 Crew 4